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Nov. 11th, 2013 11:36 pm
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the detective
Name Furudo Erika
Canon Umineko no Naku Koro ni (& previously at Aather)
Rank Bishop
Living Hearts, ???

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE NOTES Erika is very short and slender - under 5' for sure. She's around 17 but her build makes her look younger. At the moment she wears a fairly simple jasper colored dress and patterned stockings. Something like this. Her hair is long and blue and is always up in her signature twintails as in her icons.
☆ learning about someone's sex life ($♥)
☆ duct tape bondage ($$)
☆ speechlessness (♥♥)
☆ physical sadism ($♥ - $$$♥♥♥)
☆ discovering objectives ($♥)
☆ exploiting objectives ($$♥♥)
☆ intellectual rapist ($♥ - $♥♥♥♥♥)
☆ admitting friendship ($$$$♥)
☆ talking about her feelings
☆ sex with someone she likes ($$$$♥♥♥)
☆ trusting someone ($$$$$♥♥♥♥♥)

★ more TBD??

App character info )
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Captcha is the eternal enemy.
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[Please put an approximate IC date & time in the subject!]
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Question meme! In celebration of whatever arbitrary comment milestones I can get my hands on (Damuron's at 5k and Kotetsu and Erika are relatively recently past 10k?) but mostly because I'm home sick today and want to putter around.

For Raven, Erika, and Kotetsu at Aather (though Raven is temp-dropping this week), and Damuron and Erika at Court. I promise I will have some more diversity in my lineup soon.
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Arriving late; rescuing Ange [EP8]. Form of a tiny clear bottle. Insert a liquid inside and drink from the bottle. Unlimited uses.

If anyone thinks they can counter my argument, please feel free! Of course, I won't be holding back either!! )

Memory 63

Oct. 29th, 2013 08:46 pm
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Reporting the destruction of the Golden Land. [EP8] Form of edible ginger gears in a drawstring bag. 3/4 remaining.

This is returning to the city of books and reporting to Bernkastel that her assault from memory 61 was successful and Beatrice and the rest of the residents of the game board were completely destroyed. It's offscreen so I don't need to format a script excerpt, HA.
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Letter from Dlanor; "fun" with Bern and Lambda [EP8 tea party] Form of a sparkling pumpkin handmirror. Look into it. 3/4 uses remaining.

Put your mind at ease, as there is nothing remotely terrifying about this scene. )
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[the kissing post is too big again]
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Investigative sciences. Form of a nasturtium flower.

She had thorough knowledge of all the chemicals in Kinzo's study and had used them to conduct a scientific investigation. "This isn't a science mystery, so I'll spare you the details."

Battle! vs. towers! vs. shotguns! vs Beatrice on the bow of a pirate ship full of goats! [EP8] Form of chocolate lips wrapped in red foil. Remove the foil to view.

Dust to dust, illusions to illusions!! I'll end your daydream for you! Come, try and remember, ghosts! Remember how you died so long agooooooooooooo!! )
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The depths of oblivion. Form of a cootie catcher. One use.

An eternal darkness that lies on the far side of an eternal oblivion and where there is no concept of life or death... )

Tea with Ange. [EP8] Form of a ballpoint pen. Uncap it. 1/2 uses remaining.

You are a Witch of Truth, aren't you? )

Skill 13

Sep. 17th, 2013 07:46 pm
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Red truth. Form of a knotted piece of twine. Untie/cut it.

Cf. blue truth. Words spoken in red are absolutely true, with no need for explanation or proof.

More details! )
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"You're the culprit, Ushiromiya Natsuhi." [EP5] Form of five Jasper-colored candies. 4/5 remaining.

Please follow the rules of the mystery genre and confess. )

Verifying locations and sealing up everyone in the guesthouse. [EP6] Form of a small, unmelting chunk of ice. Hold it until your hand goes numb. Unlimited uses.

Oh, I'm in trouble. If a letter from a witch comes in this situation, just who could I suspect? )

Natsuhi's confession of sin. [EP5] Form of a Jasper-colored cloth mask. One use.

I really am a murderer, aren't I... )
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Compliments from Lambda, and offers to work with Battler. :) "Together, let's tear this Illusion of the Witch apart." [EP5] Form of a loaf of bread. One use.

I just stole this memory from Lambda and I am lazy so I will just link to her writeup.

Meta scythe and battle skills. Form of a shot glass full of water.
This time, Erika stepped forward.
......In her hand, there appeared a sickle like one a god of death might hold.
A ruthless sickle for reaping everything that threatened her theory...!
In argument-battles in the meta world Erika uses a scythe. It is a scythe made of truth (both red and blue). She summons it out of nowhere and it can basically do whatever would be coolest with it, such as cutting down a huge herd of goat demons with one sweep, deflecting bullets, etc.

HOWEVER, since it's not really a physical weapon so much as a... logical device... the way I will play this is that it only works in fights or against opponents that are in some sense metaphorical. So if an argument came to physical blows to see who was right maybe it would work. Or against darkness monsters that are somehow embodiments of deception/insecurity/etc.! I will work this out on a case-by-case basis.

It also only works for blue truth right now because she still doesn't have her red truth skill yet.
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Memory 49: Raising the stakes. "Even without the detective proclamation, I will defeat you!" [EP6] Form of a wooden handle. Turn it in the air. 2/3 uses remaining.

In order to regain my master's trust in me, which was lost by my previous defeat, ...I...I will risk even my own destruction... )

Memory 50: Guaranteeing alibis: discussing famous mystery novels with Nanjo; meeting Rosa; party with Nanjo and Gohda [EP5] Form of a single teabag! The little paper tab on it has a single word, relating to your memory, but likely frustratingly unhelpful.

She describes this in the trial but it's mostly offscreen! She's with Nanjo in the book archive for the hours she's left open for the murder to happen, she runs into Rosa returning to the guest room, and then she's up late talking with Nanjo and Gohda in the downstairs of the guesthouse where she can guarantee that no one came in or out without her seeing.

Memory 51: Drinking with Kumasawa; the evil spirits of Akujikishima and Beatrice. [EP6] Form of a small penguin stuffed animal. Squeeze it for your memory.

The legend of the witch is nothing more than the legend of Akujikishima re-boiled with a new face on it. )

Memory 52: Quiz party with Maria's puzzle book. [EP6] Form of tin statues of horses that can fit in your palm. Wind the base once, and it will spin around for one memory. 3/4 uses remaining.

Without any signs of restraint, Erika looked at everyone and laughed sarcastically... )

Memory 53: Sealing up the survivors; appearance of the letter; "Actually, I had already sealed one place. I apologize for taking so long to report this to you." [EP6] Form of a memory-sharing stones. You and another person must each hold part of the stone to see the memory. Both characters will see it, but it will be more vivid for the person whose memory it is.

I have no problem with letting Battler-san retroactively rewrite the plot concerning this letter. )

Memory 54: Trial: Start of the assembly, checking alibis [EP5] form of a sticky candy wrapper. Lick it to view your memory. 3/3 uses remaining.

I'M NOT PUTTING THIS ONE HERE IT'S THE DAMN TRIAL. Use your imagination. There's nothing emotionally impacting here, just setup for a puzzle she already knows how concludes.
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Yes okay kissing game continuations. NEW BACKTHREADS ARE ALSO WELCOME if you missed me and want kisses. Goes for Raven, Erika, and Kotetsu!
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There's only one place a living Kinzo can exist. [EP5] Form of a tiny box of 9 miniature macarons. 8/9 remaining.

Why else would a man and a woman share the same bed all night long? )
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Climbing out of the ocean, same as always. [EP6] Form of a fake sweet steak pie.

Welcomed in by a storm, same as always! Very <good>! )

The seven sisters are paperweights; execution methods [EP5 tea party] Form of a palm-sized golden treasure chest.

Of course. I shall make a list of the best forms of execution from all countries, from Europe to Asia, which were used by kingdoms east and west for nothing less than treason against the king! )

NEITHER OF THESE MEMORIES ARE VERY POSITIVE AT THIS POINT. She didn't actually get to execute anyone. :(
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Genre discussions with the family. "Now that we have a detective stopping by to take shelter from the rain, we've got all the major factors lined up." [EP6] Form of a small crystal. Breathe on it to receive the memory.

Mystery is a genre that ended a half century ago. )

Skill 11

May. 28th, 2013 11:35 pm
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English. Form of a bay leaf. Eat the whole thing.

Unlike SOME PEOPLE (coughBattlercough) she's probably fluent. Mostly she just uses a few words for effect, though. <Good>.
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Logic error; abandoning Battler to his closed room. [EP6] Form of two palm-sized lion statues in a team colored bag. Break them. 1/2 uses remaining.

...I'll do this one later... It includes everything from the discovery of the letter to leaving Battler to his fate.

Tricking Battler into retroactively giving her three rooms worth of duct tape. [EP6] Form of a brightly colored party cracker. You need a friend or teammate to hold the other end (and it shares the memory).

Sure, that's fine. ......I'll rewrite the tale. )


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